daglo API

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AI Customer Service Powered by Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing

Our clients running customer service business have collaborated with ActionPower to swiftly integrate the daglo Cloud API for STT and emotion analysis into their call recording data. Additionally, they've implemented AICC for automated intent classification.

Voice Authentication for Streamlined Call Center Identity Verification

A major financial institution in Korea has streamlined customer identity verification during calls using ActionPower's voice authentication engine. Meeting real customer performance standards, they are now expanding its application across all subsidiaries.

Real-time STT-based AI Chatbot

A leading chatbot company integrated ActionPower's real-time STT API into their existing chatbot model, establishing a cloud-based large-scale chatbot system.

Large-Scale Research Data Analysis Using Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing

A prominent research firm utilized ActionPower's STT and natural language processing technology to quickly organize extensive marketing data and build an AI platform for deriving insights.